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A method to assess adherence in inhaler use through analysis of acoustic recordings of inhaler events


The Acoustic Features of Inhalation can be Used to Quantify Aerosol Delivery from a Diskus™ Dry Powder Inhaler. 


Acoustic Analysis of Inhaler Sounds From Community-Dwelling Asthmatic Patients for Automatic Assessment of Adherence.


Using acoustics to estimate inspiratory flow rate and drug removed from a dry powder inhaler.


An acoustic method of automatically evaluating patient inhaler technique.


A Method to Calculate Adherence to Inhaled Therapy That Reflects the Changes in Clinical Features of Asthma


An acoustic method to automatically detect pressurized metered dose inhaler actuations.


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A method of estimating inspiratory flow rate and volume from an inhaler using acoustic measurements.


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Automatic identification and accurate temporal detection of inhalations in asthma inhaler recordings.


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